Cambridge Educational Services

Industry: Education

As part of a supplemental learning experience, Cambridge Educational Services work with schools, programs & individuals to prepare students for college and career.

There services not only provide students with training materials and scoring, but also include research-based strategies that lead to long-term and measurable improvement.

We were thrilled when Cambridge Educational Services came us wanting to upgrade a website and ecommerce platform that was over 7 years old. The challenge was to reflect there innovative research-based learning services to a modern website. With Dynamic web technologies able to expand with there growth we achieved just that.

The initial steps involved a design over haul of which included an open responsive layout that translated well to any devise. On nailing the functional Design we then were tasked with customizing there outdated ecommerce platform. This included tiered pricing structure user discounts based on membership level, as well as custom checkout. We are very proud of the final result and continue to support them.

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