The internet is an amazing place! If a solution to a problem does not exist, chances are we can make it happen. Creating tools to solve problems is why we love what we do! 

Custom Web Application + Development Services

Does your website require specific functions or features outside of what a typical Content Management System can do? Our programmers integrate custom solutions into your website. We are experienced and flexible when there is a need to modify core code already written, or integrate with third-party software via API. We have a can-do attitude and will find the most cost-effective solution for you.

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Talented Atlanta Website Developers

Blue Light Labs offers custom web development services to update and enhance your website. Designing and building applications, databases, and API processes is one of our core services. Using us for a complete solution to your website development requirements is simple. We are skilled and talented web developers with proven a success record.

Whether you need a completely new website or seeking modifications, the team at Blue Light Labs is here to help you. Our custom web development services include:

Web Programming and Development Services

Information Architecture (IA)

The process we have in place is optimized to make custom dynamic, web solutions easier to set up and accurately execute.  An important element of this process is the project’s Information Architecture (IA) Document. Preparing this document has is essential to a custom web project’s success.
As a flow chart, the IA document helps map out and solidify ideas and concepts. This allows us to put together a precise blueprint of the project before our developers begin work. The IA is the entire website design and web development schematic organized into one easy to interpret the document.

Fine Tuning Responsive Websites



We Are Motivated

Our motivated web development team is committed to delivering creative and engaging website solutions. This team works across various industries: construction, retail, manufacturing, consulting, healthcare, plumbing, etc. Learning new things along the way is what makes our job exciting.
Blue Light Labs developers have been working in this discipline for over 20 years. Our programmers have created hundreds of web applications. Visit our portfolio to get a clear idea of the quality and competency of projects accomplished by us.

Why Blue Light Labs Developers?

  • Our experience of 20 years in custom web development services has made it easier for us to comprehend each business’s demands and requirements.
  • Our business digital marketing consultants have extensive knowledge of most industries
  • The process for web application development is a detailed one, with high-quality coding and comprehensive testing procedures.
  • Compelling, engaging, and intuitive designs that ensure high user engagement

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Connect and communicate with us about your web development challenges. Our professionally skilled and experienced team of business marketing and web development architects can schedule a consultation with you today. We would like a better understanding of your expectations from Blue Light Labs.

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