Marketing Automation is no longer the Internets best kept secret! Once you have traffic and potential leads coming to your website, how do you get the most out of it?

Marketing Automation CRM Design + Consulting

Everyone who has owned and operated a business on the internet knows how important it is to nurture your leads and interested prospects. Marketing automation is the perfect approach to doing just that. It does not matter if you are selling a service or product. keeping people engaged and reminded about the very fact you exist is very important. 
Predefined funnels with conditions and triggers are setup first. These funnels are then automated to engage with your prospects as well as your clients 24/7 + while you sleep.  It sounds complicated but it isn’t. Blue Light Labs can be your consultant and best friend in getting you up to speed with this amazing  technology.

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Visitor Tracking and Email Automation

Think of a marketing automation campaign as a carefully thought out  sequence of predefined steps. Steps a prospect will go through based on how they engage with your brand. When prospect engages with a “Call to Action” and gives up their name and email address a hole range of opportunities open up.  You can have a newsletter setup, pipeline automation, prospect tracking and CRM all working together in one software solution. That’s what I am talking about!
Tracking and understanding your prospects interests, behaviors and motivations can provide valuable insights into your sales process. As your contact list grows so will your company and it’s conversions. 

Email Marketing Platforms

ActiveCampaign5 300x31

ActiveCampaign is a truly amazing and interactive CRM and Marketing Automation platform consistently adding new features. We encourage our clients to check them out and take advantage of all it’s capabilities.

MailChimp Marketing

We have been using MailChimp for our newsletter for years. MailChimp is quick to setup and manage. This  is a great platform if you primarily just need a newsletter feature and don’t require advanced automation.

Some Marketing Automation Features

  • Newsletters
  • Email Automation
  • Advanced (Call To Actions)
  • Advanced Forms
  • Email Templates
  • Pipeline / Funnel Design
  • Content Marketing
  • CRM
  • Email Tracking
  • Social Tracking
  • Goals, Tags, Timelines
  • Service API Integration
  • CRM Prospect Ranking
  • eCommerce abandoned cart

Let's Explore The Possibilities

Businesses that already have a CRM and contact list are missing out if they are not implementing this type of service. We can go over these opportunities with you, and take you though your email marketing campaigns step by step. Schedule a free discovery call with us so we can start to discover a strategy that will work for your business. Click below to go to our marketing strategy page.

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