Synergesia Professional Job Portal

Industry: Medical Professionals

We are excited to launch Synergesia a client’s brainchild project. Our friend and client Lou Garcia is a Anesthesiologist that saw an need to help professionals in his field. Lou noticed that connecting hospitals, staffing agencies and HR medical departments with anesthesia service providers could be a big deal.
There were a few competitors, but Lou had some ideas on how to improve the interview and communication process.

We designed a niche job posting directory packed with features and a unique concept emerged!

Job providers that are licensed in specific states can opt in to receive post and position notifications. Using Synergesia, headhunters, hospitals, HR departments and medical clinics can purchase plans that allow them to reach out and fill open positions. Using Email, SMS and browser notification tools Synergesia users can get up-to-date information on candidates and available positions. Providers can show off their resume, CV and Job history information quickly and easily using their own custom profile page. Providers can chat real time with potential employers and send their documentation on the fly.
Blue Light Labs feels privileged to be a part of this custom web development project and we look forward to supporting it as it matures. From concept and branding to marketing and automation Synergesia has been a exciting project to work on.

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