If you can't find what you are looking for feel free to reach out and say hi. You can call the Lab directly at (770) 309 6480

Price varies project to project. Simple projects that don’t need custom web development can get a quote over the phone or via email. Complex custom websites that require advanced features need an IAD or (Information Architecture Document). The IAD will have an outline with diagrams and details that define the scope of the project. Once all the details get defined a quote with milestones will be presented.

After 20 years of tweaking our web design process we have narrowed it down to 4 phases. Discovery, concept design, development and training outlined below.
PHASE ONE: Concept Development & Site Information Architecture Planning
  • Itemize key functionality & design expectations
  • Determine marketing objectives & client demographic
  • Develop web site architecture road-map showing site navigation & data structure
  • Collaborate on website architecture and address potential roadblocks
  • Revise contract when necessary to accommodate unanimous changes
  • Sign-off on final web site architecture, functionality, and site map
PHASE TWO: Website Layout Design & Functionality Wire frames
  • Design logo and graphical samples (when applicable)
  • Design layout samples showing rough design and sub-page concepts
  • Design wire frames to layout page navigation and form data
  • Collaborate on logo, graphics and layout designs
  • Sign-off on final web site layout & functionality
PHASE THREE: Develop Operational Systems
  • Install core development applications
  • Setup database structures
  • Develop custom data components
  • Adapt layouts & functionality for each section
  • Connect client functionality with back-end components
  • Regular reporting on development progress
PHASE FOUR: Populate Live Data & Final Testing
  • Import and format web page text and images
  • Insertion of marketing keywords and site descriptions
  • Test each website component for layout and functionality issues
  • Sign-off on testing phase and launch web site
For standard brochure CMS websites we like to take at least 3 weeks. Based on the complexity of the project we estimate the amount of hours. Then we adjust the scope and define milestones . Custom eCommerce or web-application based websites can take us 2-4 months or more.
We are always able to get things done faster when there is good, direct communication between the client and the project manager.

Yes we love meeting our new clients face to face but it’s not necessary. Please call us any time and we can set something up. Feel free to call us directly at 404 551 2398 or email support@bluelightlabs.com. You can also schedule a consultation appointment here

We host most of our clients websites because it makes it easy for us to support them. Blue Light Labs does not require that you host with us but it’s recommended. We have different flavors of hosting available based on your project type. Our VPS servers are setup on a OC3 backbone and  they are secure, load fast and  are backed up frequently. We also setup and configure CDN (Content delivery Network) hosting. Made for clients that want to take website speed to the next level.

Yes, we are a full service agency offering professional branding and graphics for all mediums. Pixel/ vector based design for print web and video. Talk to us about our branding services and graphics packages.

Our support will guarantee work for 1 year, this means that if anything breaks and needs to upgrading we will do it free of charge. When extra modifications or changes need to be done we bill hourly at $65 dollars an hour. Clients can also purchase monthly support packages if they require frequent monthly management.

Every website on our servers gets a complete backup every Sunday. WordPress and Joomla CMS websites have a backup component built into the administration. This allows administrators to make backups whenever they feel like it. These backups can be restored in less than 10 minutes if necessary depending on the size of the website.
Website security is becoming a much greater concern these days. It is almost impossible to make something completely safe from hackers or DOS Attacks . Our administrators started using a security suite on all our CMS websites. So far we have not had one website hacked when using the suite. The suite monitors all in-bound and out-bound traffic. It also reports when there is a attempt to compromise the website.

Yes, we stand by our promise that if we are not available immediately someone will get back to you within an hour of leaving a message. We ask to only call after hours if your website has become compromised or it is an emergency.

We specialize in customizing the WordPress and Joomla! CMS frameworks, although we also have experience in Drupal and Magneto. Other projects that need functionality outside of what a open source CMS can provide. Blue Light Labs can build and design 100% from the ground up.

For large scale projects we may come out to your location if necessary but most of the time we prefer to stay in house to maximize development time. We have a suite of communication tools available for screen sharing and virtual meetings.

The only thing we do not do in-house at Blue Light Labs is write content. We find that content comes more naturally from the client. Usually you will know your business allot better than we do. We do have an excellent SEO copy writing partner that we have worked with in the past and recommend. 

When it comes to stock photography and content writing we have a network of partners to refer.

Once the web project is live. The primary contact that is to be in charge of the website administration will have 1-3 required training sessions with our developer. The amount of training necessary depends on the websites complexity.
We provide simplified documentation in PDF format if requested. Often we will create a custom video that takes administrators through the tasks.