Products, Services, and Subscriptions need a framework. Your website visitors will appreciate the best experience you can give them!

Custom eCommerce Website Services for Business

At Blue Light Labs, we customize every eCommerce website to fit your business requirements. Whether you’re selling physical products, bundles of services, or digital downloads, the shopping and checkout process will be created with an intuitive User Experience Design to increase conversion and sales. 

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eCommerce Websites Customized for Business

We like to empower our clients so they can easily manage their eCommerce websites. By using optimal tools to update and manage the products they offer.  The administration of an eCommerce website can be daunting at times. Our aim is to make it as simple as possible while giving you the tools to make your business run smoothly.  

Specialized eCommerce Development

WooCommerce Services

Magento Services

Shopify Services

Atlanta eCommerce Services & Support

Our team can deliver proven online store solutions for any type of business that wants to sell things online. Our many years of supporting eCommerce clients have made our experience your asset.

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Blue Light Labs eCommerce services include:

Custom Website Templates Design

All our custom template designs are strict WC3 compliant, responsive, and search engine friendly. Some products for example can be unique in their shape and size. Others require custom display types, add-on options, and different checkout procedures. We produce a full scope of concepts for your review and approval first.  The information architecture + functionality and direction of the website are finalized in detail. All the bells and whistles get scoped out before we start building it.

Website Information Architecture (IA)

The Information Architecture (IA) is the blueprint of how the eCommerce website will be constructed. It also introduces the call to action and visitor experience profile and settings. Before handing the concept over to our developers, we compile an IA. This document makes sure all website components and modules are outlined and clarified.

(CMS) Content Management System Install

The majority of our eCommerce projects are built into an open-source content management system. We customize the back-end so administrators have complete control over their content. Products, inventory, shipping, and orders are all organized into the interface. We strive to educate and empower our customers so they can edit and update their cart software. Getting administrators up to speed and allowing them to manage their online storefront is our pleasure. Doing everything in our power to equip you with the best tools available in the objective.

Cart Catalog and Category Layout

For eCommerce solutions, we recommend using a WordPress WooCommerce plugin or Magento framework. Shopify is another hosted solution to look at for large catalogs. These software options have feature-rich interfaces and architecture. Each framework has different strengths and weaknesses. All three offer versatile cart software for our developers to customize. Items can get organized, edited, and manipulated using an easy-to-use interactive administration. CMS installations are custom formatted and designed around each eCommerce project.

Custom Options and Additional Plugin Configurations

Many features can be custom developed to fit what your carts needs and requirements are.

eCommerce Website Consulting

After building over 100+ eCommerce websites, we have the experience and know-how to help guide you through the process. At Blue Light Labs we answer all your questions. Everything from marketing to management our team will consult you along the way.