Industry: Chemical Engineering

Nclear is a cutting edge chemical engineering company in Atlanta, Georgia. These guys have a number of patented products that take nutrient pollution and toxic algae out of large water bodies. These none-toxic chemicals provide a unique working solution that traps pollutants using nano crystals that attract and absorb unwanted phosphates.

Nclear was looking for a web design that would inform and educate their website visitors on their truly innovative water treatment solutions. The original design was constructed well, but though the perspective of a chemist. Visitors or even potential prospects that visited the old site would either lose interest quickly or just have no idea what the product could do. It was our job to take the visitor though the solution and into the technical when it was necessary. The CEO of Nclear made it clear he wanted a more engaging visual experience without cost to the load speed.

These were clients that were very satisfied with the final result. We are now moving on to producing an animated explainer video that will enhance the presentation quality of their products even more.
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