Certified Pest Control Operators of Georgia

Industry: Certified Pest Control Operators of Georgia

(CPCO) approached us with the task of re-building and refreshing their 10 year old Website. Among the challenges was to import there large data-base of Professional Operators into a streamline user friendly directory with search / filter functionality. Additionally, CPCO wanted to place a special emphasis on
offering up their events, memberships and courses into a secure eCommerce checkout system and gateway.

Upon web development, these two components were tackled first and the design work followed. CPCO project turned more exciting to work on than imagined as the client was responsive to our initial request and wonderful to work with. The final project was a hit upon Launch with orders, and form inquiries immediately coming in! Our Liaison was super pleased and thrilled with how the project turned out.

How nice it is to work with Great clients!

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