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Digital Marketing Strategy Design + Planning

At Blue Light Labs, we understand that every organization is unique. Each client has a distinct personality and different needs. That’s why our first aim is to understand your business and its digital marketing needs.

With this understanding, we can then create a  digital marketing strategy that will put your business on a course to meet its goals.

We want to be your digital agency and partner in your success.

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Internet marketing has many channels organic-search, pay-per-click, blogging, social, email marketing automation, and video. Not all these channels are going to work well for every business. Our first priority is to look at the profile of your ideal customer. Then figuring out the best channels to use to reach them. It sounds simple, but it would blow you away if you knew how many people get that wrong off the bat.
Below are the primary areas. These need research before defining a campaign and strategy. This process will save both time and money while ensuring the best results. Give us the opportunity to help your business in reaching a wider audience. Using proven these proven research methods we will drive more traffic to your website. These strategies will increase your conversion rates.

Anatomy of a Digital Marketing Strategy

Find and Clarify Your Niche / Target Market

This sounds like a no-brainer and you might already have a good idea of what your target market looks like. It is necessary for us to construct a profile outlining all your prospect types first. Then define their characteristics, this demographic outline will serve us well. With this information designing content, graphics and call-to-actions will be a breeze. Your website, funnels, targeted emails, and social campaigns will be much more on point.

Define Marketing Channels Based on ROI

When our marketing profile is complete, our next task is to find the best channels and mediums for delivering your offerings. In some cases, we’ll set up short campaigns in order to test the results. For example, we may test a short Pay Per Click (PPC) run or test exposure on various social networks. Once the best ROI channels are clear the rest of the time will get devoted to optimizing them.

Industry and Competitor Research

Learn from your competitors! A great deal of useful information can get attained by researching your competition or other businesses in similar markets. We have an array of tools that can give us insight into what they are doing and how they are doing it. Research and learn from your opponents and gain the advantage!

Optimize the Digital Marketing Plan and Automate

Assign accounts, processes, and budgets to channels then optimize them. This way they can get managed, monitored, and reported on. Campaign maintenance, website updates, and upgrades should also get taken into account.

Launch +Execute Strategy/ Plan

At Blue Light Labs our goal is to get your company feeling confident with the internet marketing process. When you understand how your campaigns work. We hand over the keys and continue to support and consult you on their progress.​