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We’ve been designing and developing custom websites for over 20 years! Our valued clients are more like our family. We understand that web design needs to be dynamic, and respond to the ever-changing technology. That’s why we constantly research the latest trends and offer ongoing support.

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Professional Custom Web Design

A stunning website can rejuvenate your business and distinguish your business as a key player in your industry. At Blue Light Labs, our team of talented website designers professionally customize CMS websites. WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal are frameworks we specialize in building our designs into. The web designers at Blue Light take a holistic approach to each project. The first step is getting to know you, your needs, and what makes your business tick.

Before we begin conceptualizing layout and design, there are several angles to consider. It is critical to understand the target audience, marketing strategy, and competition comparison. A comprehensive understanding of your business model will assure that our designs will have the right direction.

Combining UIX and UXD usability with creativity, your website will entice and assure the audience that you are an authority in your industry.

WordPress Web Design

This popular CMS is quite popular for it's easy to use administration and international support. WordPress has quickly become a standard for web designers and developers.

Joomla Web Design

Joomla has been one of our favorite CMS for many years. It's framework is great for custom applications and unique web-based solutions. Internationally recognized by the development community.

Drupal Webdesign

Drupal is also a popular choice for creating more advanced custom web applications. It has it's own unique responsive design options and administration.

Custom Design

Looking to build from the ground up? No Problem. Blue Light can design your website from scratch. Sometimes it is necessary to go 100% custom.

Dedication to Client and Quality

Quality Control is of the utmost importance both on the stage and behind the curtains. The designers that work at Blue Light Labs are meticulous in optimizing/ improving CSS style sheet output, image size load, and cross-browser compatibility. Our highly experienced and skilled web designers in Atlanta perform a number of tests and evaluations on even the most simple of our projects to ensure that each website we publish is built solid inside and out. Over the past 6 years, our company has transitioned into becoming a WordPress web design agency.


KEY Focuses



Give visitors a visceral experience through easy navigation and natural content flow. A user-friendly interface is a must in today’s cut-throat e-business domain, so we give foremost priority to creating responsive web designs that can easily be browsed by users of all ages across different devices.


Strengthen and revitalize your company’s image with cutting edge technology and lush creative imagery. Using relevant images and text, our designs can immediately draw the attention of visitors and convey your brand’s message clearly in short time.


Empower the client by allowing easy data, content and image management. Optimize and engineer solutions to make tasks less cumbersome. Link your site to valuable API resources so you can manage services in one dashboard. These professional web design services give you the abilities you need to manage your website content with ease.


Increase Website Visibility & Configuration to align with Marketing Efforts. Implement branding and creative consistency across the platform. Take advantage of our UXD and UID skills to promote a smoother interaction. Customizing your front-end and backend to connect with your various marketing platforms has never been cleaner.


Our creative web designs will clearly define company direction and future growth, which is the core requirement of any website layout. Constructing a website that can grow and improve as you do.


Collect Prospect Contact Information and valuable requests. Find unique and useful ways to use the data. Implement Email marketing automation and leverage visitor and prospect data to get the most out of your visitors using a CRM.

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