Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Athens

Industry: Church & Fellowship

The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Athens reached out to Blue Light Labs. They were in search of a web design agency that would bring a colorful, novel, and user-friendly perspective to their website. Blue Light Labs was happy to answer the call. In the past when we have done work for churches it was always challenging to communicate with a board while trying to solidify ideas. The communication was much smoother with UUFA. Each member was such a pleasure to work with and there was such a great synergy with everyone involved. We also enjoyed visiting the church while shooting drone and B-Roll videos for the featured hero sections of the website. The modern and unique worship center located in Athens Georgia is a structure that complements the brilliant culture of the UUFA congregation.

Now You’ll find a website where every inch makes an idea, where images and words and design show off the beautiful world we have come to inhabit. It’s far from an online brochure, it’s a celebration of what they can do and what they have done.

We ended up developing a well-organized and solid tool for the UUFA organization to use as a hub for their congregation and remote members. Streaming, events calendar, blogging, and newsletter components were customized and included features.

The UUFA website design is both functional, informational. The website is now welcoming to anyone interested in their Unitarian Universalist community.

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