Inksomnia Tattoo Alpharetta

Industry: Tattoo Shop

Inksomnia is a professional tattoo shop in Alpharetta that has a history of having some of the best tattoo artists in Atlanta working there. The manager at Inksomnia reached out to us wanting to step up their website and digital marketing game. Tattooing has grown in popularity over the past 10 years and in the process so has Inksomnia. Their online reputation for both body piercing and tattooing is impressive, to say the least.

Our web designers wanted to go BIG and BOLD with their new website while showing off the tattoo artists’ styles and portfolios. We wanted to make the site and artist portfolios easier to manage as well. Implementing a targeted Instagram API allowing their artists a simple way of updating their featured work. With over 1700 5-star reviews as well as awards, Inksomnia is known as one of Georgia’s leading tattoo studios. Blue Light Labs is now aiding Inksomnia in building its online reputation. Organically, we are helping to generate signals to strengthen their local brand and identity.

Our video department went to Inksomnia for a full-day video shoot. We shot Drone video, 360, and Hi-Rez footage assets. These worked amazingly well for accents, b-roll, and social marketing opportunities.

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