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What is Internet Marketing anyway? SEO / SEM / Local!? Everyone has heard the terms, many have experimented with it, and some have even hired professional agencies. There are many moving parts, and much confusion around this subject so where to begin? Our experience can show you what works, what it costs, and how it should get maintained.

Choosing the right digital agency is an important move. We are not the perfect fit for every business out there and that’s OK. If our services don’t line up with your needs, rest assured you will get pointed in the right direction.

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At Blue Light, our first objective is to clearly define specific marketing channels that are promising for your business. We work closely with you to find what works, then formulate a plan of execution.
Web technology is our expertise, but the heart of our company is client communication. Each business has its own unique niche. Understanding what makes your business tick ensures that the right marketing channels are used. Successful internet marketing happens when everyone reaches the same synergy.
At Blue Light Labs we understand every company is different and every organization has different needs. Our first goal is to fully understand your business and its objectives.
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Atlanta Website SEO Marketing Services

Install Yoast Component and configure URL structure

Installing the SEO component into the CMS will allow us to format modify and optimize URL structure, Titles, Meta, Descriptions, Re-Directs, and Header Tags. Yoast gives us valuable insights on how to improve content improved search engine exposure.

Purchase install and setup 128Bit Security Certificate

HTTPS is now a major ranking factor and should be implemented on all sites that want to rank higher on Google and Bing. In the eyes of Google, an SSL Certificate adds authority to the domain and web presence.

Add / Modify Headers and On-Page Content

Modify and add additional content written to target primary phrases and target messages. Pages should have internal linking from content to service and subpages. Headers will be formatted to stress target phrase importance.

Setup Google Analytics and Custom Reporting

Install/ Implement Analytics account for tracking visitors, traffic sources, and website activity for insight on campaigns. Customize metrics and reports for the client.

Implement Real Time Sitemaps / RSS Submissions

The Sitemaps component is necessary for letting search engines know what you want them to pay attention to. It also pings Google and Bing when pages or items have changed telling robots and crawlers to re-index when necessary.

CSS / JS / Compression / Optimization

Gzip and optimize CSS, JS, and JavaScript that is active on the website to reduce load and file size. Another ranking factor that has become more prominent is page size and load time. Taking advantage of Gzip and Server + Browser Caching can make a huge difference in performance and presentation.

Off-Page Optimization

Configure Reports/ Setup Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools or (Google Search Console) offers valuable insights on how to improve your website and its organic ranking. Search Console finds inconsistencies, duplication, and mistakes giving the SEO professional an inside idea on how to improve on the optimization of the site. Sitemaps and RSS resources are also submitted and monitored here.

Configure Reports/ Setup Bing Webmaster Tools

Much like Google (Search Console) Bing Webmaster tools offer valuable insights on how to improve your website and its organic ranking. Bing traffic can be just as important to the health of your organic campaigns.

Google Local Directory/ Google My Business Local Optimization

Optimize and claim the company location and list services, descriptions, and geographic data to improve organic placement on mobile devices and directories. It helps validate your business to Google as well as offers local mobile traffic.

Facebook Company Fan Page Optimization

With social signals on the rise, a Facebook fan page is a great opportunity to get organic traffic, followers, and interest groups engaged with your content and website. We know this is a major ranking factor because when searching by company name typically the Facebook Fan Page is one of the top 5 results.

Facebook Pixel Installation and Setup Tracking

Facebook has its own method of visitor and lead tracking called Facebook PIXEL. Installing this code correctly on your website's lead submissions and landing pages offers valuable insight into all traffic coming from the Facebook network.

LinkedIn Company Page / Groups Setup

Linked In is an extremely powerful social network for targeting B2B representatives and companies that have an interest in mostly service-based industries. Setting up a LinkedIn Company Page will help establish your company services and deliverables while broadcasting references.

Social Network Marketing Process

There are so many dimensions and opportunities available on a multitude of networks today. The key is to find which of them work best for your business and how to implement them correctly. Otherwise, you are just wasting your time pushing content and updates without healthy ROI. Designing a strategy outlining your approach to social media will prove fruitful for sure. Scheduling and keeping up with updates, posts, and offers needs to be incorporated as well.

Define Company Goals and Direction

First off we need to understand your companies purpose and marketing goals. Ideally, we need to know what you want to achieve with your campaigns. Exposure, Branding, Promotions, Product Highlights, Services, and Events are some of the primary objectives. What makes your Product, Service, or Brand unique so we can leverage that in your campaigns and news-feed streams. 

Market, Competitor and Medium Assessment

Here we need to take a step back and really look at what is out there. Finding similar business models and learning from their successes and mistakes. This can make a huge difference when designing a campaign. Some networks might be more fruitful than others depending on the anatomy of the message you want to broadcast. For example, Twitter might be a wasted effort compared to LinkedIn or Facebook if your target audience does not engage as well on that network.

Media Assets and Website Setup

If you are going to be pushing social traffic to your website, it is important that your website matches the message. Using different types of media in conjunction with your branding will prove helpful. Look to understand what your audience responds to. Putting together an archive of assets is important. Logos, stock photography, slogans and focused content makes social media post updates easier to put together. 75 – 85% of social traffic is mobile. Modifying your website to be responsive and device-friendly is a must. Otherwise, you are going to waste your traffic. Our team will configure your website with responsive design and social tracking options. 

Social Account Setup, Design and Configuration

Social network account company pages, fan pages, and landing pages will be designed. Accounts are set up and configured for your brand and target market channels. This includes logos, graphics, color schemes, privacy, and links to other resources.

Setup automation and train administrators

We can also set up scheduled posts that go out at different dates, times, and intervals. This way you don’t have to babysit your social activity as much. Our team will train you and take you through the process. We can also assign one of our partners to help you with ongoing updates and administration.