Branding and optimizing the customer experience

Perfecting your branding, message and customer experience

I have been so busy over the last few months with this article concept rolling around in my head… It is happening today, because I need to remind myself of these concepts routinely in the future and blogging about them is how I put the plaque on the wall. Digital Marketing Fun!-Da-Mentals A HUGE part of marketing is just

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Blue Light Labs Wins Best of Gwinnett 2020

Blue Light Labs Wins Best of Gwinnett Web Design Agency 2020

Blue Light Labs Inc. is a Best of Gwinnett® Winner Our little agency has come a long way over the last few years and in the past we were reluctant to go after awards. At Blue Light we wanted our work and support to speak for itself. We asked you to VOTE for us and it happened! Thank you.. Thank

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momentum is key

How to create and sustain Momentum the (key) to personal success

A Student of Momentum The broad definition of Momentum is “The strength or force gained by motion or by a series of events”. I like to swap out (events) with (choices). I’ve been personally obsessed with making incremental changes to my behaviors and habits for a good chunk of my adult life. Time and plenty of trial and error

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Review and reputation management

Take your reputation and authority to the next level with reviews.

Your reputation on the web is driven by reviews I must admit I never paid much attention to reputation management when Blue Light Labs started stepping into the internet marketing space. I knew online reputation and client nurturing were important facets of being a web design agency but never to the extent it has proven itself to be invaluable.

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Website UXD + Information Architecture Document

Why Putting Together a UXD / IAD Document First is the Key To A Successful Web Development Project

A Website Development IAD is a Detailed Proposal That Ensures The Success of Your Project. Using a UXD outline and information architecture document saves money and time. Blue Light Labs has been Atlanta’s premiere web agency for 21 years now. Our team started using IAD – UXD documents and concepts six years ago. We quickly figured out that projects with IAD’s were delivered quicker, to

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