Web Design Lab Partners

Markus Nelson

Markus has been helping and educating Atlanta businesses with their digital marketing for over 20 years. He started Blue Light Labs in 2000 where he made all things internet a daily obsession. Having a determination to assemble a knowledgeable group of innovative web experts. A unique team of innovators and and web professionals was assembled under Marks’s leadership. With 400 + projects and years of experience to boot, Blue Light Labs has become The Little Web Design Agency That Could. Markus truly believes in delivering value and ROI for his clients. Currently he lives on Lake Lanier with his wife Melissa, daughter Saturday, and two step son’s Stephan and John. Always encouraging a fresh perspective and an open mindset. Markus continues to run the company and manage most of the projects.

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Chris Nelson

Designer, artist, classical musician and entrepreneur, Chris has magnetically been drawn towards fields that require the integration of technical execution and artistic expression. As a BLL team member, Chris plays a vital role in our company’s research and design to make sure that not only are clients’ needs and objectives well executed, but that they are visually powerful and eye catching. A web design protégé of his brother Markus since 2007, Chris also holds a bachelor’s degree in classical guitar performance from Kennesaw State University, and has completed graduate studies at the Shenandoah Virginia Conservatory. His talents for design, experience as a scholar and a tireless perfectionist have made him a valuable member of the BLL team.

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The reason we have become a “LAB” rather than a “studio”, web design company or firm, is because of the vision.

A LAB is where research, development, and new ideas are born. Innovations in Website development move very fast; leaving less room for “copy cats code monkeys”. The real rewards come to the innovators like Blue Light Labs who are willing to take risks and change things up!