Market using your current clients

How to get your converted customers to market your business for you!

Marketing Conversions Most people that spend allot of time marketing their company focus on ROI, CPC and a wide range of analytics. Always optimizing and trying to squeeze every last drop out of their campaigns. At Blue Light Labs sometimes we will get 3 conversions a month, others  12 or more.  After hyper focusing on analytics and campaign statistics,

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Project Management Best Practices

Best Practices for Web Design & Web Development, Project Management

Website Project Management is Evolving Faster Than Most Professions Throughout  my career, I have had to wear many hats and learn many jobs from the ground up. I always thought that project management would come second nature to me. Because of my experience with designing and developing projects myself. I thought how hard could it be? 300+  clients later I’m

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SEO Upgrade your website

How to upgrade your website successfully without losing PR

Upgrading after a website redesign Introducing our new responsive website. Using WordPress and the Elementor framework we put all the pieces back together and upgraded our 5 year old site. It needed to complement our new work and web 3.0 direction. There are only a handful web design companies that take the time and effort to make sure they are following

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Mind Map for Web Design

Mind Mapping for Web Design Works Great

I started playing with Mind Map software years ago but really thought nothing of it until we started using them to outline projects. I played around with mind mapping software a few years ago as a brainstorming tool for an internal project. It proved to be such a great reference asset that we added it to our arsenal of

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