Get your website ready for 2020

5 important things your website needs to thrive 2020

In 2020 believe me, you don’t want to just throw up a SquareSpace or Wix website and call it a day. Your website should be so much more than a calling card. It’s a beacon to your business. This internet accessible assimilation of pages should always solidify you as a key player in your industry.  Lets face it, websites are not websites

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Wordpress installation

The best WordPress installation package for web designers

Putting together the perfect WordPress installation build For close to  13 years now our web design agency has focused on developing and designing using the Joomla CMS framework. I have to be the last to admit that we clung on to Joomla a little longer than we should have. Our company used  WordPress only when it was requested by the

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SLACK for Project Management

To SLACK or not to SLACK? Is there any question?

SLACK is Where It’s At! There are three primary obstacles with project management Communication, Resource Sharing and Organization. These are the vital organs of that keep a project moving. Until recently we solved these issues using an array of solutions. SLACK fell into my lap about nine months ago. A client insisted we use it as a primary communication

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