5 important things your website needs to thrive 2020

Get your website ready for 2020

In 2020 believe me, you don’t want to just throw up a SquareSpace or Wix website and call it a day. Your website should be so much more than a calling card. It’s a beacon to your business. This internet accessible assimilation of pages should always solidify you as a key player in your industry. 

Lets face it, websites are not websites anymore. It is bizarre how much work I can can get done with only my browser. Open today as apposed to 5 years ago. The service subscriptions are piling up and desktop applications are now minimal. The way things are going we might as well call them remote application windows. We truly live in a very exciting time. There is a consistently growing library of resources, solutions and web services that are at our disposal. Website (Application Programming Interface) API accessibility lets us take advantage of thousands of digital services offered. All over the internet. At Blue Light, we help you leverage what the internet has to offer so your website can be all it can be.

Focus Hard on Website Usability and Accessibility

UID (User Interface Design) and UXD (User Experience Design) are vital to optimize down to the final line of code. The internet continues to get faster paced and your hard earned traffic is loosing it’s patience. Most of your visitors today want to skip the introduction and get straight to the footnotes. Each pixel needs to get accounted for and every message has to be crystal clear. Form needs to follow function in the age of usability. If an element is not relevant or hinders the site from it’s primary purpose drop it. Try to limit the necessary number of clicks it takes your visitor to the desired information. This can always remedied by using on-page citation links, sticky headers and call-to-actions where it is necessary.

Create a Strong and Clear Message With Your Web Design

Have presence and be bold! Incorporate a unique message, start with what is your websites most important objectives. Forget about all the details and really think hard about your core message first. Put yourself into the mindset of a visitor that knows nothing about your company or the services it offers.
Your home page needs to instantly communicate what your company is all about to the visitor in just a glance. Use the Hero section of your header and call-to-actions wisely. I would make sure there is always some way for the  visitor to opt-in for more information on your product or service. Try to be  bold and different with your presentation and branding. What makes your company unique? What type of culture and voice does your organization have? Defining these things is how you incorporate presence into your website.

Show Personality, Quality, Confidence and Persistence

Using infographics, imagery and video content unique to your branding and service is key. Most of the stock photography and graphics found online sticks out like a sore thumb. Even if it takes investing a little more time and money into your company branding and cornerstone content the difference can be night and day. Video is such a great way to present and get your message across to visitors.

Statistically visitors are much more likely to engage and opt-in when video is incorporated into your pitch. Loosen up! Get your partners and employee’s involved. Take photos, conduct short interviews, get testimonials and put your organization’s personality into your media. Look into adding your site to industry specific directories to build Authority. For example you can find us here in the Top Atlanta Web Design Companies Of 2020.

Make Sure You Have Great Website Page Speed and Solid Hosting

Website load speed needs to be taken very seriously especially today. Each millisecond counts and there are many factors and caveats that need to get addressed. Pay close attention to all these factors when you are optimizing your website for speed. The combined size of the content, graphics and images are just one part of the puzzle. Then you need to look at plugins, JS compression, number of file requests and hosting speed to get a full picture. I  recommend getting a professional web developer to optimize your site.
It is well worth the extra money and will save you so much more in lost prospects. Our Atlanta web design firm is very proficient with WordPress and Joomla caching and website speed optimization. After a website audit, we can get your site running blazing fast in under 24 hours. At Blue Light we set up (Content Display Network) CDN hosting, advanced website optimization and setup caching. We do everything we can to achieve the fastest load speed possible.

Visitor Tracking / Website Monitoring

There are many tools for A/B testing. Tracking and monitoring your websites traffic and visitor behavior is so valuable. Google has released a great plugin for WordPress called SiteKit. We can now connect analytics, search console, page speed insights and review data right from your dashboard. Traffic and visitor data can analyzed to make educated modifications and adjustments on your website. You can identify pages that perform well and improve on pages that don’t. SiteKit can point out mobile compatibility and indexing issues that get overlooked otherwise.
The devil is in those details so start taking your website seriously.
Google SiteKit For WordPress
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