SLACK for Project Management

To SLACK or not to SLACK? Is there any question?

SLACK is Where It’s At! There are three primary obstacles with project management Communication, Resource Sharing and Organization. These are the vital organs of that keep a project moving. Until recently we solved these issues using an array of solutions. SLACK fell into my lap about nine months ago. A client insisted we use it as a primary communication

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Hack your perception

Learning how perception works has been a game changer for me this year!

Hack Your Habits! Mind Hacking and habit manipulation have become quite a fascinating subject to me. I was forced to swap out habits due to health concerns and things got interesting. Programming yourself is somewhat like writing code with the human condition element involved. I wanted to share a few thoughts based on some personal experiments I have conducted over

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5 Step Guide to HTTPS

The 5 Step Guide for moving your site from http to https smoothly

Moving your website to https does not have to be scary I have scoured the web trying to find a guide or video that would give me answers on this subject. There have been always important keys to the process I thought were missing. I am posting this article to hopefully simplify the process and make website designers more comfortable with

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