Vlogging on YouTube with my daughter has encouraged an open mindset.

Daddy Daughter Youtube Vlog

Vlogging On YouTube With Family

Hope every father out there had a wonderful fathers day! Hi friends, being a father has been the one of the greatest roles of my life. When I was awarded custody of my daughter 6 months ago everything changed in the best way possible. For many years I had struggled getting time with my daughter even on the short weekends that were legally scheduled. I missed quite a few fathers days but now everything has changed and I am quite enjoying being a father full time. 

In theory you can be a (by-standard parent) that engages when with their child when necessary, but I really wanted to be more than that.
Of course she is starting to pull away a little here and there due to standard adolescence. I try to hang in there and make an effort to create truly unique and meaningful experiences with her. I believe I have forged a relationship where I can be both a father + friend while sneaking in a little wisdom and skill set in at the same time. My label has already changed from “Daddy” to “Dad” so it might be short lived.
 Most kids now are WIFI fiends spending massive amounts of time on tablets and other devices. My objective was limiting the mindless content and attempting to keep her engaged + excited about creating, building and discovering. The medium is almost never the enemy, it’s how you decide to use it. If a child accomplishes something where they experience the raw rush of creation, completion and satisfaction. In my experience a powerful seed for their future gets forged almost instantly
Vlogging with Dad

Promoting an Open Mindset

Growth Mindset - Fixed Mindset

I recently read a book called “Mindset” by Carol Dweck that distinguishes between 2 types perspectives. People with a closed mindset and people with an open mindset. In as little as a nutshell an Open-Mindset model is one of continuous forward thinking and learning. It frames your mistakes and ignorance as an obstacle and positive journey to be overcome. A Closed Mindset, on the other hand being the judgement avoiding learning model that sticks to what it’s already good at. All while trying to maintain being a novel academic beacon for display and status. The proven overwhelmingly obvious benefits of attaining an Open Mindset is made clear in this book. In the process it got me thinking a great deal about how I am parenting.

Starting a YouTube Channel

 Saturday and I have been doing allot together now that she is living with me. One day after finishing a pretty challenging hike with her, she said “Hey Dad, we should start our own YouTube channel”. I said, “Sure, why not”. Thinking to myself she would forget about it as soon as we got home and jump back into the Minecraft void. We did not get home till late and I was a little tired from the hike, but Saturday insisted on going down to my office so we could start our first VLOG episode.
 Originally, I was always the type of Dad that would entertain temporary projects. Everything from Sofa Forts,to creating custom Cat Ear Headbands but they were always short lived. I had a good amount of my camera and lighting equipment already set out from a local video project we did the week before. I went ahead and set it up. We both sat down and transferred all the video we had collected together that day to my desktop. Then put a quick outline down on paper. I went over some of my camera equipment with her. Showed her first hand how to set shutter speed, aperture and FOV settings. I was quite surprising how interested she was. She set up the lighting while I explained fill light, key light, hair light techniques to her. 
After we were finished shooting the A-Roll it was a bit of late, but she was so excited about getting it uploaded. I pulled up a chair and we edited our first episode together. She was quite the director. We experimented with different pieces of footage, audio and transitions. When we uploaded the final edit she looked up at me and said “Thanks Dad, We should do an episode every week.”   

Persistence and Progress

Today we are putting episode 7 together and it has become quite a habitual creative time for us. We not only to bond as father and daughter but also continue discover and progress with our new hobby. No, we don’t have thousands of followers, just a hand full of family members. In her eyes, we are internet gods and watching her confidence grow and interest develop is a marvel. In a few short weeks Saturday has learned how to plan, set up, shoot and edit her own YouTube VLOG videos. Now she is starting to understand that good things take time. Effort and teamwork are vital when you create and the sense of accomplishment is very much worth it. 

Continuing the Tradition of an Open Mindset

I have aided in putting together an original working model of an open mindset. Looking back, it was so important that it was put into motion. I believe it will serve her for years to come. We should all encourage open mindsets with our children. When they are young and open to new expressions of creativity is such a significant time. Their minds are solidifying maps on how to be, how to perceive, and how to behave.
Many people in this world are still living with a closed mindset perspective. Some people might switch direction later in life and others will stay closed way for the rest of their lives. If we can start the seed earlier the investment is limitless. Making this concept stick is not always easy, but always worth the pursuit. Do this for yourself and your child.
We have a chance as parents to show our children through the process of things. Let’s show them that everything, no matter what natural skills one has requires persistence, time and objective. Making mistakes is all part of the learning process. The fruit of an open mindset is a reward that keeps on giving. 
Must Read – Mindset – Carol S. Dweck
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