Get Things Done During COVID19

(COVID 19) The Business As Usual To Business Unusual Reality!

Perspective is your best weapon! Yes by all means it’s getting kind of crazy out there isn’t it? Have you ever seen things turn south this quick!  WOW, what an elusive virus we have on our hands. For a day or two there I was starting to go down the conspiracy theory rabbit hole. Goes to show that our

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Find The Best Web Designer For Your Business

How to choose the best web designer for your business

Everyone Thinks They Are a Professional Today with the exponential change and use of technology, everyone thinks they are are a web designer, video producer, custom programmer or digital marketing expert. Thanks to all the half-baked “There Is An App For That” culture that is so clear. What upsets me is small and large businesses almost never can succeed on their own.

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Beating Monday

How to take on Monday Like a Boss

If you can Nail Down Monday the rest of the week just works! I want to begin by saying that I have had a primal and superstitious fear of Monday, ever since I was a kid. It appeared like nothing ever went smooth or ever worked out well on Mondays. The shear proof and evidence that Monday was the

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Drone Video Equipment

Getting started in aerial photography and drone video production.

Drone video can spice up websites and give an edge to your B-roll If you have a web design or internet marketing company you might offer local drone video and editing services to your clients. Getting involved in creating videos is not only a great way to get more business, but it also gives your agency the opportunity to get up close

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Get your website ready for 2020

5 important things your website needs to thrive 2020

In 2020 believe me, you don’t want to just throw up a SquareSpace or Wix website and call it a day. Your website should be so much more than a calling card. It’s a beacon to your business. This internet accessible assimilation of pages should always solidify you as a key player in your industry. Lets face it, websites are not websites anymore.

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