Truck Trailer Ads

Industry: Logistics / Trucking

Matt at Semi-Trailer Big Box is quite a business minded client and good friend. Matt saw a national need in the trailer and truck industry for selling equipment seller to buyer. He came to Blue Light Labs with the idea of designing a portal and listing hub for logistics  and truck equipment. Sellers can now off-load equipment to buyers for competitive prices. Buyers can in turn effortlessly find what they are looking for.
This was an eCommerce project that took a great deal of code and customization. We had to configure the gateway to work in unison with all the options and listing plan offerings. Joomla was used as the CMS framework. Custom components were coded to build in the functionality. It is currently still in beta testing but we expect good things from this website.
Branding and TM were also necessary to nail down because this website is to run as a separate company. The web hosting configuration needed to be upgraded and optimized as well. This website expects get a great deal of traffic, so the hosting solution needed to be able to scale.
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