HDA Architects

Industry: Architecture

Pete Hill from HDA Archetects was one of Blue Light’s first clients. Back pre-CSS when Flash and table-based html was the way to design a website. They have a unique, niche target market. HDA specialize in designing state of the art veterinary hospitals and facilities. For more than 12 years now they have been afraid of upgrading their website. This client did not want to loose their ranking positions on Google search. Their old websites UXD was not mobile friendly or responsive. Plus there was no CMS to make any updates or changes so it sat there for years. We shrunk at the idea that our company actually built that 12+ years ago.
Pete called me up out of the blue, I had not spoken with him for years! He was looking for a way to upgrade the website. Then make it easy for his clients to post project assets and manage contracts with a client portal. I explained to Pete that optimizing the site and building it into a WordPress CMS would most likely improve his organic search. This would give HDA the tools they need to manage their clients and prospects.
The upgrade worked as planned plus HDA Architects now have a platform that attracts prospects and features their work.
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