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Hello friends we hope everyone is enjoying their summer and taking some time to soak up a few rays.

Myself, I’m really enjoying working outside. It seems like every year I try to improve my outdoor sanctuary so I can half way enjoy the summer workdays.

2012 Website Check Up List Re-Design, Clean, Repair and Compress

2012 came around faster than ever. It feels like I have finished my taxes for 2011 and BAM it hits me again. It appears that with all the survival squabbling most website administrators don't have time to fine tune their websites.

Blue Light Labs has finally gone live with its new website design

Spring Time In Atlanta! After almost 8 years of sitting on our old website were now optimized and running! I promise it does not take that long for us to finish our client projects. :) Anyhow, if anyone feels the urge to point out anything from browser compatibility errors to spelling mistakes feel free to give us a heads up.

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@tferriss Learning how to change your perspective in real time. The hard part is knowing when you have hit a bump w… https://t.co/vk6sXCNEsR
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@dhagogo Enjoy :)
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Episode 6 - Chill Weekend. https://t.co/hVRclcalcT via @YouTube
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Hike followed by a nice cold waterfall with a delicious crispy pear to finish. Perfect!! #wimhof #wimhofmethod… https://t.co/4R0jrFHUDi
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Looking forward to this read https://t.co/JpExiCuDZX
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RT @JimCarrey: This morning I woke up feeling like a kid again, filled with joy and mischief, like the day ahead was pregnant with infinite…
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@dhagogo Helix is pretty tight
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