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The Tutor Shops Homework Club Website Preview The Tutor Shops Homework Club Website Preview

About the project

The Tutor Shop Homework Club is a very unique academic based, after school program located in elementary schools with degreed teachers that help children complete their homework, study for tests, and support their remedial or enrichment work, before parents pick them up each day. They came to us with a complex list of eCommerce requirements, as well as a desire to have a website they could operate easily. In addition, they needed a secure way for their teaching staff to have access to their individual rosters that was also HIPA compliant. When the dust settled, our team delivered a website that was easy to operate, including a simple billing system, along with a dynamic way for parents and teachers to interact on the site.

More details

  • Client:
    The Tutor Shops Homework Club
  • Skills :
    • Graphic Design
    • UI/UX Design
    • Mobile
    • Web Design
    • HTML/CSS
    • Joomla! 3X CMS
    • Responsive Design
    • Custom Development
    • Ecommerce Development
    • Application Development
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