A Quick Introduction To Our White Hat (Moon Rabbit SEO) Service

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Dear Client, (An Introduction to Our Organic Internet Marketing Platform)

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a lucrative art and is not for everyone. It takes both time and effort on both the internet marketer’s end and the clients end as well. I have been doing White Hat SEO for 19 years on and off now. So, The projects that showed the best results were the ones we had our client actively involved with the process.

Defining The Landscape of Your Organic Search Campaign

Using ourselves as examples a process emerged. We were listed for the term ‘Atlanta Web Design’ for almost 8 years in the top 5 positions on Google. That listing alone helped us build this company to what it is today. This term today is a truly competitive phrase to dominate. As your competition and beacuse industry grows so does your need to be more aggressive with your approach to SEO. The good news is once you nail down a primary terms you can add on LSI and long-tail terms to that one. LSI stands for ‘Latent Semantic Indexing and long-tail phrases are words you can embed into those.So,  These are words that are semantically related to your primary phrase. 

Here are good examples for our target phrase with modifiers :
  • Atlanta Web Design  – Primary Phrase 
  • Atlanta Web Designers – Secondary 
  • Atlanta Web Developers – Secondary 
  • Web Designers In Atlanta – Secondary
  • Best Web Designers In Atlanta – Secondary
Here are examples for our target phrase with long-tail words added. 
  • Digital Web Design Agency In Atlanta
  • Web Design & Digital Marketing Agency Atlanta 
  • WordPress Web Developers In Atlanta 
  • WordPress Web Designers Atlanta, GA 
  • Best Web Designers In Atlanta 
See where I am going with this?

Authority and Relevancy

Organic search marketing can be an amazing investment if done correctly. So, I honestly don’t think I would be in business today without it! It is a constant organically changing game of implementing techniques.
Posts and content that encourage Google, Bing and DuckDuckGo to trust your company as an authority for what it offers is the key. The service your business offers or the product it sells should be trusted and referenced on the web. Using your your website content, social signals and off-page references are your resources. These are the signals that tell the algorithms that because you are relevant and authoritative for what you are trying to get listed for.

Ranking Authority Factors

In our professional opinion the most important search engine ranking factors in no specific order are. 

Moon Rabbit Internet Marketing By Blue Light Labs

We created the Moon Rabbit SEO service because it was apparent to us that the process needed to change. The typical plan and format that internet marketing companies have been using just did not seem to sit well. Every business is different and a custom plan because of action needs to be carefully constructed first. So, Handing you a menu and asking you to pick from a list of packages is counter productive. So at Blue Light Labs we prefer to get some insight on your company first, so then construct a plan of action based on where you want to be.

We offer our clients a dedicated because professional that will guide you though the entire process. A  effective organic SEO strategy will be outlined and customized to suite becuase  your company’s objectives.

Let’s Work Together & Build Some Authority!

Blue Light Labs Atlanta Internet Marketing Consultant
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