If Your Business Is Not Utilizing Video On Your Website And Social Media – Get On It!

Website Video

Video Is Now A Website Standard

Video is one of the best ways to quickly get a message across about an idea, company, product, service, group, firm, agency, solution, proposition, or strategy.  Using video as a common public medium has been around for quite some time. It has really taken off over the past 6 years due to popular demand, technology advancement, and accessibility. YouTube, owned by Google, is the second most accessed search engine in the world today. Most of us know by now that it has taken on an entire life of its own and is giving birth to unlimited resources. Some people are still a little slow to catch on, but video is here to stay! Open, unlimited, and public accessibility to video publishing tools has changed the face of storytelling. Education and entertainment video resources are vast and almost unlimited with this medium. As of today, roughly 100 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute, 0.023 Petabytes per day. We are visually stimulated and influenced beings. Above all other mediums the use of video should not even be a question anymore.

Relate to your customers and website visitors.

I learned late in the game that it was not about how many clients we signed up. Wisdom made it clear that attracting clients that have synergy with us and enjoy working with us are so much easier to work for. Credibility is very important and it is what helps with initial trust. The personality and type of charisma your organization puts out there will help attract the type of customer you are in search of. Other than engaging with people in person, video is the second best way of communicating what your company is all about. Lifestyle, Belief Systems, Qualities and Values can all be signals added into your videos.

Relate to your customers and website visitors.

With our Atlanta web design company for example. I wanted to show how down to earth, family oriented and dedicated we were to our work. A few years ago we created a short 4 minute teaser showing behind the scenes clips at Blue Light Labs. We had B-roll of us working, laughing and hanging out with family. A clean voice-over of my wife was added discussing our process and dedication to our craft. I can honestly say it was an advertisement that paid for itself many times over. We started attracting the type of customers we wanted long term. Using video to communicate and express concepts and ideas to your website visitors is such a powerful tool. With just a little planning and effort, video can transform how you communicate with your customers. Things will never be the same again…trust me.

Video can put a human face and personality on your company and its products and services.

Most people like to put a face to the company, people or brand they are hiring. This is why during this pandemic Zoom, Skype, Messenger, Google Meet, GoToMeeting and Microsoft Teams have become so essential to business continuing to function. Video will exponentially become more important moving forward. Another thing this pandemic has done is force people out of the comfort zone into starting to use video in their day to day lives. Your first videos don’t have to be professional and cinematic off the bat though. Make an impression even if you start out simple. Like anything, you will get better at it. Your audio and video storytelling and skills will mature with time.

Video influences search

Posting videos to your website, social channels and blog posts is most definitely a signal that influences search positively. Pages with videos embedded are 3-4 times more likely to rank better than pages that do not. Video increases the amount of time your visitor spends on the page. This in turn decreases the bounce rate which is continuing to become an important signal to Google. Bounce rate is how Google tries to understand how engaging your content is to your visitors. Video increases the likelihood that visitors will spend more time on your website hence improving bounce rate.

There are so many progressive and productive ways to use video:

  •  Hype and Promotion
  • Company Introductions
  • Service Explanation
  • Demonstration and Education
  • Video Testimonials
  • How 2
  • Direct Communication
  • Blog and Article Cornerstone Content
  • News and Updates
  • Social Posts and Viral Exposure
  • Product Introductions and  unboxing
  • Vlogging
  • Software Reviews

Taking your video production into your own hands

Most smartphones today take pretty good video and decent audio, a lot of the time when we go on a video shoot we will use IPhone 11 phones to shoot B-Roll and even some A-Roll. If you don’t know already, A-roll is the primary or principle subject footage and B-Roll is the filler or supplemental footage. You can edit and splice between these sources to tell your story. When you get more comfortable you can take a stab at adding graphics, music, voice overs and other effects. You might be a natural filmmaker and not know it yet! There are unlimited videos available on YouTube 🙂 on how to get started shooting, editing and producing your own.

Hire an agency like Blue Light Labs to help.

You can use Blue Light Labs and take advantage of our professional video, audio, editing and animation services. We can work closely with you, and first come up with an outline and storyboard. If your company is located in Georgia our video professionals will come out on location to professionally shoot your A-Roll and B-Roll footage then piece it all together in our editing suite.

Media Services We Offer at our web design Lab

  • Story-boarding / Planning 
  • 4K – 6K Video Shooting and Editing
  • On-Location 4K Drone Video Shooting
  • Color Correction
  • Motion Graphics and Compositing
  • Voice-Over and Audio Remastering
Please call the lab to speak with us directly 770 309 6480 or visit our media services page for more information.
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