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Hello Subscribers, Clients and Friends

As we move toward the end of the year, Blue Light Labs is approaching its web development differently. During the last 6 months we have built a design and marketing process tailored specifically for local Atlanta and national service based business.


Our web site development company is driven to deliver the best. Providing qualitative and innovative web design and development is our primary focus. Blue Light Labs takes it's clients through every step of the process so there is no confusion or miscommunication with the direction of the project.

Let Blue Light Labs take your brainchild project or website concept to a full blown Internet running reality. All our web based software and CMS management tools are designed in order to give our clients control over their Internet investment. These advanced web applications are easy to use and administrate, giving you the keys and ability to manage your own software.

Our team of talented professional web designers, developers and marketing experts have the determination and the drive required for any scale project.

What's new?

New Work Examples:

Please check out our current client Karen Marie Moning's Site for her New York TIMES new book BLOODFEVER . By using a complex assortment of effects and action script Blue Light Labs was able to give Karen's fans an amazing interactive experience.


Using video and post production effects Blue Light Labs was able to give the Teleneeds presentation site a conscience

Blue Light Labs New Location

Our New Lab Location :

Blue Light Labs has moved to Atlanta:

Blue Light Labs Web Design and Development Studio is located on Elisabeth Street just off North Highland Avenue across from the Friti restaurant and behind the Grape Restaurant. We are at the very corner of the building and parking during the day can be found on either side street.

Please feel free to contact us in order to setup an appointment.


From 75 / 85 take Freedom Parkway exit
Take a left onto Boulevard
Then a immediate right onto North Highland
A mile and a half down there will be a restaurant on your left called the GRAPE - just after that take a left onto Elisabeth street

We are the first ground Level steal loft suite just behind the GRAPE you can park in the GRAPE parking lot during the day without a problem.

JOOMLA and CMS make content management and custom applications a snap

Application development is a process Blue Light Labs takes seriously. After hundreds of projects we have found that simplicity is the key no matter how complex the goal is optimizing and creating custom web applications is definitely one of our strong suites A clearly defined process we found allows both you, the client and us the designers to be on the same page without having unexpected results and conflicts. We build all our web-based applications from scratch using Joomla as a core system.

Our Partners

Blue Light Labs, Digital Associations and have joined forces to promote intelligent custom business web solutions. Together we have built a network that can deliver simple to complex solutions for small, medium and large business models. We are pleased to have us together as part of the team so we may provide a better product and service.

Blue Light Labs and have started a collaborative team to create rich and eye catching layout and design.

Digital Associations
Whether your project is the digital medium or the classics, Digital Associations can help you.
Consisting of Nationally Recognized and Award Winning artist.
We deliver first class graphic design for any business.
From Adobe Photoshop CS to color pencils our design team will help your ideas materialize.

Our award winning design team makes sure you get the look and feel you desire.
Whether it is a classic logo or a project on the more creative side, our artists are adept at turning ideas into reality.

Our designs are always stunning visual pieces that will correlate with the look and feel you desire. From web site down to brochure design our designer make sure you company has the look and feel you deserve.

Want something that stands out. Our team of designers work hard to create visually dynamic flash pieces that will get you noticed. A gleam of a button or clouds rolling over a hillside no job is too big or too small for our team.

PHP / SQL and Flash Based Applications

Flash enables us to create a more impactful banner advertisements and messages. If you have allot more to say with a presentation and need a catchy internet marketing campaign this is the way to go. Flash has become extremely good with optimization so we can design complex web applications. Sound, animation and interactive functionality can be added to advertisements to give your campaign a professional edge.

Our Small Business Professional Web Development and Design includes

  • Provide a New Web Presence to Strengthen the Company Image
  • Clearly Define Service Offerings and Brand the Company Image
  • Increase Web site Visibility & Configuration to align with Marketing Efforts
  • Provide a Method for Independent Management of Web site Content
  • Leverage the Web site to Collect Prospect Contact Information
  • Provide Bulletin Board for Job Postings

Core Deliverables for Base System

  • Web site Cosmetics Design
    A web site design targeted to advertise a select number of products and/or services. The design process will provide a unique visual interface and intuitive navigation. The design will utilize company logos, images, photography, and design elements provided by the client directly or through client supported collaboration with third party graphic or photography vendors.
  • Home Page Flash Accent
    An animated accent will accompany the home page content, expanding the visual appeal of the design and directing the visitor to view key web site areas. This will be a non-obtrusive animation designed to add to the customer experience without removing attention from the core message. A subtle piece of flair...
  • Content Management System (CMS)
    A Content Management System (CMS) system will be installed on your hosting environment allowing you to manage your web site files and edit page content. The application will be accessible through an internet browser from any location. The CMS system will provide a nested categorized structure for adding and organizing web site page content, page accents or calls-to-action, menu links, and sub-navigation items.
  • Private Member Login & Tools Dashboard
    A private member login form will be available for pre-defined member accounts (setup through the administration panel) that will allow both advanced and public users to login and view a dashboard setup with links to external tools. Both public and advanced users will have their own customized set of options for the tools. The links will each include a title and description of the tool and any usage instructions necessary.
  • User Registration E-mail/Database Filter

    When a potential user signs up a database account will be created with a pending status. An e-mail will then be sent to the registrant confirming the creation of their account and its pending status. The client company will then be able to log in as an administrator and view and edit all pending, active, and denied accounts.
  • Contact Submission Form
    A general contact form will accompany your contact details and provide web site visitors the ability to complete and submit their general information requests. Once submitted, general request details will be stored in a database, an email alert will be sent to managers, and a branded email sent to the visitor their contact.

Phase Breakdown Process

PHASE ONE: Concept Development & Site Architecture Planning

  1. Itemize key functionality & design expectations
  2. Determine marketing objectives & client demographic
  3. Develop web site architecture roadmap showing site navigation & data structure
  4. Collaborate on web site architecture and address potential roadblocks
  5. Revise contract when necessary to accommodate unanimous changes
  6. Sign-off on final web site architecture, functionality, and site map

PHASE TWO: Web site Layout Design & Functionality Wire frames

  1. Design logo samples (when applicable)
  2. Design layout samples showing rough overall design
  3. Design wire frames to layout page navigation and form data
  4. Collaborate on logo and layout designs
  5. Sign-off on final web site layout & functionality

PHASE THREE: Develop Operational Systems

  1. Install core development applications
  2. Setup database structures
  3. Develop custom data components
  4. Adapt layouts & functionality for each section
  5. Connect client functionality with back-end components
  6. Regular reporting on development progress

PHASE FOUR: Populate Live Data & Final

  • Import and format web page text and images
  • Insertion of marketing keywords and site descriptions
  • Test each web site component for layout and functionality
  • Sign-off on testing phase and launch web site

Local Atlanta Based Service Web site Marketing

Bronze Marketing Program $300.00 a month 8 month program

Search Engine Optimization for 4 primary phrases including:

  1. Web site Index Submissions and Back-end Optimization
  2. 6 pages optimized and rebuilt specifically for search engine placement
  3. DMOZ Database submission for better Google rankings
  4. Index SSI includes and meta tag manipulation for faster results
  5. Traffic analysis reporting the best phrase choices for targeting your business
  6. Weekly reports sent via email on ranking for each keyword/Phrase
  7. 4 doorway pages specifically targeting each phrase desired
  8. Competitor analysis and link exchange consulting
  9. Yahoo preferred submission and inclusion
  10. Phone conference and full overview on how to keep up your ranking

Silver Marketing Program $350.00 a month 6 month program

Search Engine Optimization and Directory Listing Submissions for 3 primary phrases and 4 secondary phrases including:

  1. Web site Index Submissions and Back-end Optimization
  2. 8 pages optimized and rebuilt specifically for search engine placement
  3. Traffic analysis reporting the best phrase choices for targeting your business
  4. DMOZ Database submission for better Google rankings
  5. Index SSI includes and meta tag manipulation for faster results
  6. Weekly ranking reports sent via email for each keyword/Phrase
  7. 3 months submission - additional doorway pages
  8. Inbound Link directory submission based on business type


Gold Marketing Program $450.00 a month 12 month program

Search Engine Optimization and Directory Listing Submissions for 3 primary phrases and 4 secondary phrases including:

Web site Index submission and Back-end Optimization

  • File, Folder, and Image Filenames Renaming for SEO
  • 10 pages optimized and rebuilt specifically for search engine placement
  • Traffic analysis reporting the best phrase choices for targeting your business
  • DMOZ Database submission for better Google rankings
  • Index SSI includes and meta tag manipulation for faster results
  • Weekly full reports sent via email on ranking for each keyword/Phrase
  • 10 months submission - additional doorway pages
  • Competitor analysis and link exchange consulting
  • Yahoo preferred submission and inclusion
  • Overture and Google Add-words consultation and setup
  • Phone conference and full overview on how to keep up your ranking


The Lab: 404.551.2398
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

New Hosting Information

Our Goal is to bring you the Best of the Best, and we do that by partnering with the best in the industry, delivering to you a simply managed single entity solution.

Development Platforms:

All web sites built by Blue Light Labs & Digital Associations are developed on the PHP platform and can be run in multiple server environments, both in remote locations or local servers.

All data is stored in fast and reliable MySQL databases, designed for fast access and high storage capacities.

  1. Real-Time Access to Client Data
  2. Email Alert Systems of Client Activity
  3. Intuitive Data Management Tools
  4. Available Daily Backup Programs
  5. Data Mining & Customer Reporting

This example from FuTrack.com shows the possibilities for managing large amounts of project information from a single screen.


Web Media Standards:

Home page/sub page concept and variations of concept based on agreed direction, with 2 revisions for concept optimization. Multiple concepts (separate and uniquely different from agreed concept) Navigation planning and site architecture.

Optimized and tested for IE5 and Mozilla browsers. Please note some browsers still have issues and bugs with numerous web applications. Testing includes test for web functionality and graphic representation as compared with approved comp

CSS Stylized text and header layout for provided approved text.

Menu Rollovers/Drop Downs and JavaScript

Optimized graphics for best performance

Hosting Standards:

99.9% Uptime Guarantee with 24/7 Phone and Email Support

High Availability Load Balancing Dual-Xeon Intel© Servers

Unlimited Email Accounts with FREE Spam Filtering Options

Up to 5 MySQL Databases with Unrestricted Database Storage

Unlimited Subdomains, CRON Jobs, and up to 5 FTP accounts

All Servers Located at ThePlanet in Dallas Texas, the #1 Data Center in the Northern United States with 24/7/365 on-site staff, disaster recovery, over 15 Data Pipe backbones operating on over 12 independent power grids. For more information, please visit www.theplanet.com

cPanel Administration Interface with Full Hosting Control and the Fantastico Free Script Library Installation system


"As the leading On Demand IT Infrastructure provider, The Planet's Service Level Agreement (SLA) provides Tier 4 data center uptime, assuring you up to 100% uninterrupted network and power availability, and up to 100% uptime on redundant Internet connectivity. No other provider offers such an extensive SLA---a sign of our commitment to your success."

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