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Great Places In Atlanta To Design

About 2 years ago I made a scary move to Atlanta after living in the "not so happening" north Georgia mountains for years. I had been self taught in the web design arts and was surviving off fragments of internet tutorials and overpriced reference manuals as my sources for keeping up with the technology.

 I had settled down early compared to all the fast paced, techno head, hard core web developers that had taught themselves to survive in such a competitive urban environment. I found myself attempting to study and work from home with two dogs a two year old daughter and a wife that figured as long as I was in the house I could always switch instantly between job types.

Solution: I learned how to work on a laptop after years of being in front of desktops. It was almost like some unheard of force lifted a monster weight off me and my pursuit of being a knowledgeable independent web designer living in Atlanta. I have not lived here long but these are venues in Atlanta I circulate through that allow me to achieve maximum mobile performance.

Arizona Pub Atlanta1. The Arizona Pub 130 Arizona Ave Ne Atlanta, GA

This place is really new, modern and friendly - "I Love It"! The Arizona Pub is a great place for web designers and entrepreneurs because it's nice and quaint during the work day and it has the perfect environment to work in without too much distraction. The food is good but the menu is limited. I think they are expanding on the menu as I'm writing this. The wings are awesome; I don't think I have ever had wings with such a unique recipe behind them. There are outdoor tables and sitting areas on the ground level and on the upper decks.

I would take advantage of this place NOW, it is definitely the kind of place that will eventually get too popular for my tastes once the word gets out enough




WIFI : Great
Service : Great Ambiance : Excellent
Noise : Depends
Best Time Of Day : After Lunch
Electric Outlets: Good to Go


Glenwood Logo

2. The Glenwood Restaurant and Bar 263 Glenwood Ave, Atlanta, GA 30316

I'm actually working on the new Glenwood website right now, but that is not the reason it's number 2 on my list. The Glenwood has a dark quaint gastro pub feel, with spine shifting bars and outdoor tables. It has both smoking and non-smoking areas for people that want to eat away from the smoke. The WIFI network is strong and the beer selection is great.


The Glenwood would be a great place to have a relaxed meeting with a client or just or just get some relaxed cleanup work done while you have a beer and light conversation. I will typically work at the bar and the bar tenders are more than happy to plug you in if you are planning to hang out for a bit.


The Glenwood Atlanta has a good size upper deck with umbrellas and seating and typically they set out industrial fans to cool you off during what is left of the summer. If you go, ask for Dan Simpson one of the owners, Dan is always dedicated to making your Glenwood experience the best it can be.
You will typically meet other web designers, website developers and entrepreneurs at The Glenwood bar. The bar atmosphere conducts a need for social interaction between strangers. We finally just finished there website they had originally destroyed their PR when they pointed all there domains from a perfectly healthy Joomla 1.0 website to some completely crappy Free Webs Do It Yourself Cheep Web Design Service. We hope that their original PR returns now that it is switched back.

WIFI : Great
Service : Great
Ambiance : Excellent
Noise : Depends
Best Time Of Day : Before Lunch
Electric Outlets: You Fish Around a bit, but Good

Glenwood Indoors


Neighbors Pub Atlanta GA

3. Neighbors 752-C North Highland Ave. Atlanta, GA 30306

I have been going to neighbors since I moved to Atlanta. Neighbors™ during business hours is a good place to loosely work with a colleague or just bring a friend for lunch. Most people in Atlanta know where it is so Setting up a meeting there is not a huge task. Neighbors has a large concrete patio with iron tables and black umbrellas. The service is good when it's not packed with customers. The last 4 times I have gone there I could not get on their network but It might have been my security setup. The music on the patio is a little too loud and grungy for conducting important meetings but great for getting into your own element if you like that type of stuff.

In theory I am not allowed there anymore because an IT buddy of mine got in a stupid Windows / VS / Linux fight with another IT guy and they had it out and somehow I got stuck in the middle. I think the original bar tenders are not there anywhere so I don't need to disguise myself anymore.

Service: Good
Ambiance: Good
Noise: A bit Loud
Best Time Of Day: Just Before Lunch
Electric Outlets: On the deck there is only 2 and they are well hidden. The best one is on the left side of the deck 4 light poles to the left.


4. 2558 Shallowford Rd NE # 201, Atlanta, GA

5. Dr. Bombay's 1645 McLendon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA

6. Inman Perk Coffee 240 North Highland Ave NE, Atlanta, GA

7. Manuals Tavern 602 N Highland Ave NE Atlanta, GA 30307-1433

8. OCTANE coffee Company 1009-b Marietta street NW, Atlanta, GA

9. Java Vino 579 N Highland Ave NE, Atlanta, GA

10. The Local 758 Ponce De Leon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA

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