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I'm no Facebook advertising professional, but I've had my nose in it for the past month.  I am really trying to see if it can bear fruit of any sort. Here are some points off the bat that will give you a heads up if youe plan on experimenting to see if Facebook is worthy of your advertising arsenal.

How to get your converted customers to market your business for you!



Most people that spend allot of time marketing their company focus on ROI, CPC and a wide range of analytics. Always optimizing and trying to squeeze every last drop out of their campaigns. At Blue Light Labs sometimes we will get 3 conversions a month, others  12 or more.  Even after hyper focusing on analytics and campaign statistics, conversions are still very random.

Introducing our new responsive website. Using Joomla! 3.0 and the Helix framework we put all the pieces back together and upgraded our 5 year old site to complement our new work and web 3.0 direction.

There are few web design companies that take the time and effort to make sure they are following this process. The worst thing is their clients don't even know this is a huge issue most of the time.

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