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Blue Light Labs Internet Marketing

Over the past 4 years the face of internet marketing has changed dramatically. The entire landscape has been modified and revamped. SEO or ( Search Engine Optimization ) as we know it is an entire new animal these days. If things are not executed correctly your company can get penalized or even black listed.

At Blue Light Labs we understand every company is different  and every company has different needs so our first objective is to understand your business and its objectives.  Internet marketing has many channels like Organic Search, Pay Per Click, Blogging, Social Networking, Affiliate Targeting, Video and many more. Not all of these are going to work well for every business so our first priority is looking at the tools and deciding the best combination of internet marketing service in Atlanta for our clients.

Below is our process for defining a campaign for the best results. Let us help your business in reaching wider audience, drive in more traffic to your website, and increasing conversion rate.

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Find and Clarify Your Niche or Market

A company's Niche is the first key to putting together a great internet marketing campaign. Once it is clear finding interested prospects and channels they use becomes easier  to nail down.

Define Marketing Channels

With launch goals, message and budget nailed down we select the appropriate channels to use and setup services and analytics monitoring.

Competitor Research

A great deal of the time competitors have done a great deal of the work for us. Some have spent years or more fine tuning their campaigns.  We use this to your advantage and dig deep into their strategies.

On Page Optimization

There is so much more to (On-Page Optimization) than most people realize.  Organizing, cleaning up and preparing your content for discovery is vital to getting out there and being a leader in your industry.  sitemaps, RSS, Keyword targeting and social automation are but a few tools that need to be implemented  correctly off the bat.

Being a provider of leading internet marketing services in Atlanta, Blue Light Labs has acquired vast knowledge and experience to market your business among target audience in an engaging manner.

Off Page Optimization

  • Search engine submission and blog/ mini blog/ RSS feed page setup and configuration
  • Optimized content management system, newsletter set up and optimization
  • Internet marketing consulting services
  • Statistical competitor analysis and white hat optimization
  • Inbound linking assessment and content relevant link building
  • Local and National search engine optimization
  • Search Engine Friendly Atlanta web design and component development

Social Network Marketing

Social Network Marketing is not for everyone but might be your businesses diamond in the ruff.

Define Company Goals and Direction

First off, understanding your company’s mission and marketing goals is essential. We need to know what you want to achieve with your social campaigns. Your Product, Service or Brand is unique; we find the best way to express that using social media.

There are so many dimensions and opportunities available on a multitude of networks today. The key is to find which of them work for your business and how to implement them correctly. Otherwise, you’re just wasting your time pushing content and updates without ROI.

Designing a strategy and outlining your approach to social media will prove fruitful. Blue Light Labs Breaks it down into 5 stages as follows.

Market, Competitor and Medium Assessment

Here we need to take a step back and really take a look at what‘s out there. Finding similar business models and learning from their successes and mistakes can make a huge difference when designing campaigns. Some social networks might be more fruitful than others depending on the anatomy of the message we need to broadcast. For example,Twitter,may be a wastedeffort compared to say LinkedIn if your target audience consist of corporate professionals.

Media Assets and Website Setup

If you’re going to be pushing social traffic to your website, it’s important that your website matches the message.

Using different types of media in conjunction with your branding will prove helpful when trying to understand what your audience responds to.

Organizing assets you ‘ll use ahead of time like logos, stock photography, slogans and focused content , will make social media post and updates quicker and easier to put together.

75 – 85% of social traffic is mobile, so modifying your website to be responsive and device friendly is a must, otherwise you’re going to waste your traffic! Our team will design your website to function and look amazing on all devises insuring that users are redirected to your website from a social media post or Ad and have the best experience regardless of the devise they are using.

Social Network Account company pages, fan pages and landing pages will be designed, setup and configured for your brand and target market channels. This includes logos, graphics, color schemes, privacy configuration and links to additional resources.

Setup automation and train administrators

Once social post and newsfeed pages are configured we can cross-configure them for your needs to make administration even easier. In some cases you might want to post to more than one network.Logging in to each social account to make the same post can be time consuming. Our tools will allow you to send out one post simultaneously to multiple social networks. For example you can post from your Tumblr Account and that post will be shared on your Facebook Fan page, Twitter News feed and Instagram feed all at once. You can also setup scheduled posts that go out at different dates, times and intervals so you don’t have to babysit your social activity constantly.

Our expert team for internet marketing services In Atlanta will train you and take you through the process or assign one of our partners to help you with ongoing updates and administration.

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