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eCommerce MascotAt Blue Light Labs, we customize every eCommerce website to fit your business requirements. Whether you're selling physical products, services, or digital products, every cart is designed with intuitive user navigation and ease of checkout. 

We like to empower our clients to easily manage their website by using simple tools to update the products they sell.  The administration of an eCommerce website can be daunting at times. We strive to make it as simple as possible.  

Our team can deliver proven online store solutions for any type of business. If you're seeking a company that can deliver a professionally designed eCommerce system contact one of our knowledgeable representatives to schedule a free consultation.

 Blue Light Labs eCommerce services include:

eCommerce Template DesignCustom Web Template Design and Setup

All our custom template designs are strict WC3 compliant and search engine friendly. Products can be unique in their shape and size and some require custom display types, add-on options and different checkout procedures. We produce concepts for your review and approval first so the display, functionality and direction of the website are finalized before we build it.

eCommerce Information ArchetectureWebsite Information Architecture (IA)

The Information Architecture (IA) is the blueprint of how the site will be put together. It also introduces the call to actions and visitor experience profile. Before handing the concept over to our developers, we compile an IA so all website components and modules that are required are outlined and clarified.

eCommerce custom CMS(CMS) Content Management System Install

The majority of our eCommerce websites are built into a content management system allowing administrators to have complete control over their content, products, inventory and ordering methods. We push to empower our customers to modify and add to their own content, allowing them to manage their  online storefront with the best tools available.

Cart and CatalogCart Catalog and Category Layout

For most eCommerce setups we recommend using a Joomla component and module called Virtuemart. Virtuemart is an open source software for Joomla. Its feature rich architecture allows for a versatile and successful eCommerce website. Products can be categorized, referenced and manipulated using Virtuemart. All Virtuemart installations are custom formatted and integrated into each eCommerce shopping cart website to match the formatting and feel of its design.

eCommerce System ComponentsSystem Options and Additional Components

Many features can be built in to fit your carts requirements. Custom shipping modules, affiliate programs, added discounts, inventory control, advanced billing  and many more solutions can be tailored for your needs.

eCommerce Open Source ConsultingeCommerce Website Open Source Web Design Consulting

After building over 100 eCommerce websites, we have the experience and knowledge to provide you with expertise advice. At Blue Light Labs we will do our best to answer all your questions concerning the marketing, management and potential success of your online business.


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