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Blue Light Labs Multimedia - Newsletter Jan/2007

Hello clients friends and partners due to a few issues we have wanted to give everyone a heads up on 2007.


  • Blue Light Labs Multimedia has found that it's clients are more satisfied having not only control of their content but also feeling like they have control over the tools we give them. We now provide a wealth of CMS tools (content management tools) that are not only easy to manage but allow updating content to be more affordable.
  • Both Joomla and BEMA software come with a wide variety of modules and customizations that can integrate into any web sites look and feel. These tools always allow us to reduce your development costs and gives you the functionality your business requires.
  • In 2007 we have seen some major changes in online marketing and traffic analysis. We consider it our job to keep you up to date on what needs to be done for your site to receive the traffic it deserves.

New Discoveries are based on many factors:

Google Local Submission
Google Sitemap Submission

Domain name expirations
Link exchange with the right partners
Site newsletter and content updates
Buying links from highly ranked business listings

What's new?

  • Well, so much and so little technology is fusing with television, internet, GPS, WIFI, Blue Tooth, HD, XM Radio and personal cell phones built into the pinna of the ear.
  • I would suggest not getting too caught up in the technology unless it is a necessity for your business or communication needs. The major point is, it is all coming together and I think we all know that the internet will be the backbone as soon as all the fiber optics are in place.
  • If you have been struggling with the web/internet world, patience is the key. The fact that you are already grand fathered into it will give you a great advantage when it starts to come together.
  • Blogs, APIs, Pod Casts, RSS feeds and custom direct information feels overwhelming for all of us but it will sink in; just pick the technologies that work for you.
  • (Example) I just bought the clapper that was invented in the early 80's I just got one it has made my office light up easy as well as reboot my computers when some have had some down time. It works for me and allows me to save 10min of my time every day rebooting and turing on my office lights.
  • Check our Frys - Computer Super Store
  • If you live in the Alpharetta, Roswell / Metro Atlanta Area - Recommended to at least take a look at. This is like the size of 2 Wall Marts and has everything (I mean Everything) you could need on a technology level with great prices.

They are located at the intersection of Windward Parkway and Hwy 9 behind the Wall Mart.

Find out how fast your internet connection really is

Customizing your GOOGLE home page

  • Google has gone out of it's way to provide services that I think are still not tapped into. Customizing a Google default page allows you to tap into resources not available on most search engine / portal sites.

Manage Groups, SMS Feeds, Add your local business or businesses, mobile maps, calendars and much more. Sign up and look at what googles tools have to offer with their cutting edge customizations.

Fix SPAM now with POSTINI

SPAM- Blue Light Labs introduces POSTINI

Over the years, ISP's and web hosts have waged a perpetual battle with spammers. How to keep them off of our servers, how to keep their emails from reaching our customers inboxes - these are issues which we've wrestled with. At times, we seemed to gain the upper hand, at other times the spammers were obviously winning.

Something we've recently realized, at Blue Light Labs , is that many of our clients don't know what tools we've made available for fighting spam, and many would rather not mess around with the problem, but would prefer to pay for a turnkey solution.

To address this, we are taking a two pronged approach.

First of all, for those who do not have the time or interest to self manage a spam solution, we've negotiated a deal with Postini to provide our clients with a total, turnkey spam solution for a very reasonable rate.

Postini has developed a process for spam filtering which is so reliable that they have quickly grabbed the majority of the market. They claim to remove 99% of all spam and 100% of all viruses from your email before it even reaches your inbox.

We've been using Postini on our own email boxes over the last two months, and it's the best solution we've ever seen, and will definitely save you time and money.

For a limited time, we are offering Postini filtering to our clients for half of the normal price, and we will waive the setup fee altogether.

If you are not happy cancel any time

Postini Rates:

  • $4.00 a month per account
  • 2 accounts $6.00 a month
  • 4-8 account $3.00 amonth

Please email or call support to initiate your Postini account
(404) 551 2398 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Our Partners

Blue Light Labs partners with Digital Associations

Blue Light Labs and Digital Associations have joined forces to promote intellegent custom business web solutions. Together we have built a network that can deliver simple to complex solutions for small, medium and large business modules. We are pleased to have them as part of the team so we may provide a better product and service.

Get U Wired has supported all our ASP and streaming web based business for almost 2 years now. GetUWired has supported our small to large based clients with turn key solutions that work the way you need them to.

Orbiting Code your primary source for IT infrastructure, networking and hardware requirements. Orbiting Code provides custom computer and server support for most of North Georgia.

123 Ecart BEMA SOFT

After 4 years of talking to merchants we have come up with a cart that will integrate into any look and feel, and stay within your budget.

Here are just a few features we offer now for any interface

Member Tier Level Pricing
Real Time UPS tracking and label generation
Custom html editable newsletters and auto responders
Category and Subcategory based control
Easy Template integration
Merchant reseller Modules
UPS API integration
Supports almost all common gateways
Order Archiving
WSGI product description editor
Option files and multiple product uploads
Product layout template customization

Web Marketing Breakdown

Index submission and optimization
Your index page is the most important page of the site and tells search engine robots what other pages to spider as well as what your primary business focus is. What we do is optimize images, image (ALT Tags) and simplify the code so that the site has a much better chance of being ranked higher for keywords and phrases you want to target.

We then submit the index two times every month to all major search engines as well as link directories.

Inbound links help your GOOGLE PR value go up therefore giving you a better chance at a higher placement.

6 pages optimized and rebuilt specifically for search engine placement
After optimizing each individual page (Title Tags) are the most important part of META information. We optimize each page to target an individual phrase and make sure the content on that page pertains to that phrase.

Traffic analysis – reporting what phrases would be the best choice to target for your business. After the first two months we do traffic analysis and placement checks to see how well we have ranked so far – then based on this analysis we adjust our process in order to achieve optimum results – A lot of this is done by researching competitors and their SEO process.

DMOZ Database submission for better Goggle rankings
The DMOZ is the only search engine that is human edited and GOOGLE gives the DMOZ a good amount of weight in terms of the data it pulls from it. Listed by the DMOZ, even though it might take some time, is a great investment in getting recognized by GOOGLE as a top player.

Index SSI includes and meta tag manipulation for faster results
SSI stands for (Server Side Includes) they allow us to rotate content, titles and links throughout the site allowing us to target multiple phrases as well as making GOOGLE robots think that the site is constantly changing content – this improves PR

Three reports sent via email on ranking for each keyword/Phrase
When your site starts showing up we send ranking reports based on your position for each keyword or phrase we target.

Five months submission – additional doorway pages
Doorway pages are pages not seen by the public that are designed to be submitted as separate indexes to achieve a progressive placement.

Competitor analysis and link exchange consulting
We analyze competitors targeting similar or the same keywords or phrases and find out who is linking back to them. With this method we can figure out the best sites to trade links with.

Yahoo preferred submission and inclusion
Yahoo has a preferred submission inclusion program that costs about $180. Adding your site listing in the Yahoo directory improves your overall PR value.

Phone conference and full overview on how to keep up your ranking
After we have improved your placement, we then provide further consulting on improving ranking and targeting additional phrases.

Our Promise

Although SEO marketing is not a perfect science, we do our best to get your company the best position we can get. After three years of trial and error we have come up with a series of ways to improve your ranking. We can’t promise that you will be number 1 or number 8 for your desired phrase, but we will do anything in our power to get you there. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.

The Lab: 770.309.6480
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Windows Vista Breakdown

Many users view Windows XP (and Windows 2000, and previous Windows versions) as unsafe. No matter how many patches and updates Microsoft releases, the foundation of the OS itself—the kernel—is designed and built in a way that prevents it from being truly secure. The only solution, it is argued, is to redesign and rebuild the kernel with a focus on security and stability.

Well, that's sort of what Microsoft is doing with Vista. Rewriting the kernel completely would break too many applications, so that's not really an option. While the kernel in Vista is still primarily the same one as in Windows 2000 and XP, there have been some significant changes to tighten up security. Fewer parts of the OS as a whole run in Kernel mode - most drivers run in User mode, for instance. Things that run in Kernel mode are prevented from installing without verified security certificates, and even then they require administrator-level user permission. In Vista, it should be much more difficult for unauthorized programs (like Viruses and Trojans) to affect the core of the OS and secretly harm your system. In theory, you practically have to invite one in. Of course, the security of the kernel is unproven and will remain so until the OS ships and is out "in the wild," but it's encouraging that Microsoft has done everything they can to enhance stability and security while maintaining backward compatibility, which is no easy task.

That's not all, of course. Microsoft has made it their aim to make life easier on developers by improving and simplifying the way software interfaces with the system and the underlying hardware. Naturally, performance has been a major concern, too.

New Hosting Packages for mid to large business

Giga Monster 1 1 GB 40 GB Unlimited 1 $40.00
Giga Monster 2 5 GB 75 GB Unlimited 10 $55.55
Giga Monster 3 10 GB 150 GB Unlimited 20 $100.00
Giga Monster 4 15 GB 225 GB Unlimited 30 $160

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