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Lab Rats

The reason we have become a "LAB" rather than a studio, web design company or firm, is because of our vision. A LAB is where research, development and new ideas can be born. Web design innovation is moving very fast; there is less room for "copy cats and scammers". The real rewards come to the innovators like BLL that are willing to take risks and provide something new and useful for their community.
Chris Nelson | Designer / Project Manager
Designer, artist, classical musician, and entrepreneur; Chris has magnetically been drawn towards ...
Markus Nelson | Founder / Developer
Markus Nelson was born and raised in Atlanta Georgia and is now a proud father of both a company ...
Mike Dyson | Lead Graphic Designer
Greetings to whomever may be reading this! My name is Mike Dyson and I am a graduate of Savannah ...
Robert Pancake | Video / 3D Design
Robert graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Digital Media. The program was a ...
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Little Breakfast action before REPTICON https://t.co/GhQjYOfyGL
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Taking on Tuesday like a boss. https://t.co/582ZZe5zih
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Blue Light Labs Inc. on #Google: https://t.co/MQmu5PLiXO
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Fast, Quick, Dirty and Delicious!. Old fashioned oats, 5 egg whites, 1 spoonful peanut butter, almond milk, honey -… https://t.co/MmJB3AvD6V
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Businesses are like personalities, they are all unique with different qualities and directions. What makes our job… https://t.co/5RvteYZYx1
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