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Markus Nelson | Founder / Developer

Markus Nelson was born and raised in Atlanta Georgia and is now a proud father of both a company (Blue Light Labs Multimedia) and a daughter (Saturday Kate Nelson). Markus attended The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) where he received his degree in computer animation. After college he worked for several IT companies and then decided to take the "entrepreneurial leap." Now, more than 10 years later, he has designed hundreds of web sites and has many customer endorsements and referrals. During the process of setting up the Atlanta, Georgia web design company the idea hit him on offering a niche service based on being more personable and local with clients which has proved today to be a success.

With a $200 budget and a basement, he started Blue Light Labs in January of 2000 where he taught himself web development and internet marketing techniques. After many networking group meetings and experiments with gorilla marketing tactics, Blue Light Labs evolved into a Atlanta web developer’s think tank.

Markus believes that good communication, close customer relationships, honesty, integrity and intense project brainstorming are the most important disciplines in delivering quality web-based products. Creating tight liaisons with other web design companies and innovative people has opened the door to an exciting network capable of bringing any type of project to life on the web. Markus is now actively directing projects and consistently coming up with new marketing ideas for Blue Light Labs and its clients. Markus is a Atlanta web designer with a heart and a soft spot for entrepreneurs that are willing to push themselves to make things happen.


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