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A Peak into Blue Light Labs Atlanta

My name is Markus Nelson, a self made entrepreneur and founder of Blue Light Labs Multimedia (www.bluelightlabs.com). We are an Atlanta based web design consulting company that has grown consistently over the last 12 years by providing quality web site designs, interactive multimedia presentations and ecommerce solutions.

I like to wear many hats in the company which keeps my blood flowing and my thirst for the adventure of being an entrepreneur alive.  Over the last 12 months I have had the opportunity to expand my company with the help of new partners and the opening of our new office in Alpharetta, Georgia.

After settling my company in Alpharetta over the last 6 months, I have felt a great sense of strength in having the ability to meet driven people. Exchanging ideas about web design and web development with other Alpharetta/Atlanta local freelance professionals has had a very positive impact on my company. Blue Light Labs is a web design company in Atlanta.

The local restaurants and internet cafe's in Atlanta and Alpharetta have given me the opportunity to meet several influential entrepreneurs and freelance artists. Places like the Albert, Inman Perk Café, Neighbors Pub, Chocolaté Café, and The Local are great hangouts to meet young professionals and exchange ideas. Atlanta is a fast growing city that has a great deal of potential and influence on the web developer community. Like New York or LA, Atlanta has a unique city footprint that you immediately feel part of when living and working there.  Unlike many larger cities, Atlanta still has an almost “small town” warmth and a great deal of untapped resources and opportunities.

The people I have met in Atlanta have been very open and welcome the exchange of ideas and opportunities. Most of our local competitors have been open and eager to engage in expanding a local Atlanta network of  website resources that we all can benefit from. From this pool of individuals I was able to form a great team that I think will take Blue Light Labs to the next level.

My new business partner and lead web developer is both driven and overflowing with ideas. Robert is the founder of the Digital Associations that gave birth to our liaison , which has built many quality websites and dynamic solutions for Atlanta based businesses. Being both a self made cynosure of technology and detail, Robert seemed to be the perfect match as a partner and team member for Blue Light Labs. Both Robert and myself have spent the last 6 years growing our individual companies, building a healthy network by providing quality and value.  We are both proud to experience the sense of accomplishment found in having grown two successful companies from scratch without venture capital or bank loans.

Recently Blue Light Labs brought on Chris Nelson and Jason Pancake from remote parts of Georgia. Chris and Robert both share the same goals and direction, and have come to us with a professional set of skills that are aiding us in expanding our quality website service and product offerings. I on the other hand have an extensive background in marketing and sales and have somewhat proven myself to be a binding element for our team. Chris has been a cornerstone in helping Blue Light Labs to establish client trust, additionally taking on many project management and office administration roles. Robert Pancake has proved himself in becoming our lead graphic designer and CSS specialist. Robert has a background in design and mixed media, with an eye for quality and a heart for client satisfaction. Our clients have been very impressed with the skill set and ideas Robert has brought to the table, pushing our Atlanta web design team to a new level of quality and style with all our new projects. A great deal of our work falls into the Web design consulting category due to the fact that many of our clients have already successfully established a successful online business and use us to tweak their websites to improve on their ROI.

Now with the support of a new team and the strength we gain from a central office, the synergy and flow of our projects is improving and maturing exponentially.  Blue Light Labs is now an official member of Digital Associations, a network devoted to providing Atlanta based businesses with quality business web design development support solutions, dedication to quality communication and support for our clients.

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