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We Build and Design Custom Joomla Websites For Atlanta Based Businesses

Joomla! is one of the largest growing open source content management systems on the planet with a large web design community to support it. This robust and feature rich web-based software gives our custom web development team a great backend structure to work with. Many large companies in Atlanta have scrapped their old CMS systems to switch to Joomla for it's flexibility.

Joomla allows us to give our clients control and freedom over their content and ecommerce projects. With each Joomla website, clients have control to change web page content, content images, contact information and other materials that may be present on the website. At Blue Light Labs, our web design team customizes the Joomla system to fit the functional and design needs of each individual client.

Blogging, News Feeds, Interactive Forms, Streaming Video and Online Music Radio can be integrated in a variety of ways using Joomla. Our in house local Atlanta developers and designers have an extensive working knowledge of the Joomla system and can deliver website applications that are feature rich and easy to manage.

Each customized CMS design project is given extensive time and thought. Brainstorming before designing and developing a site is essential to understanding the best way to approach a project. Websites and portals are popping up everywhere; making your site unique is a major part in standing out from the competition.

Our determination and process gives our clients flexibility and piece of mind when working with our firm. Simplifying each and every aspect of a project produces a clear vision of the objectives and fundamentals required for the web site's success.

Ecommerce Development for Atlanta Businesses

Blue Light Labs provides custom ecommerce website solutions for clients that are serious about Atlanta Web Marketing. We know all businesses have different needs. Here at Blue Light Labs every ecommerce business solution is altered and customized to fit the needs of each client. Everything from shipping and inventory control to custom product options and presentations can be modified and tailored to fit your requirements.

At Blue Light Labs  we offer ecommerce solutions and services and packages that have the tools you need to run a successful and profitable online business sales campaign. There are several off the shelf products for ecommerce, and while many of them are feature rich, the ability to sell your products online requires a targeted and organized online agenda. If you are going to do it, do it right the first time.

We have consulted with several clients over the years that realize, after persuing pre-packaged opportunities, that the offerings are limited and an understanding of online marketing strategies is something gained only from experience.  The experiences have all been similar, and are centralized in the need for an organized presentation and marketing agenda combined with necessary client features and management tools.  If the fruit doesn't sell, don't blame the farmer.

All the websites developed by Blue Light Labs are Search Engine Friendly (SEF) websites allowing a better control of online exposure and organic results. Most ecommerce solutions have complex URL strings that Google or many other engines don't crawl. Our solutions remove these strings and add descriptive directories and categories to the URL thus giving search engine spiders something to index with ease. Ask us about our SEO packages and pricing, our marketing department is happy to answer any questions you might have.

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