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Our General Website Service Process Document Overview

The schedule below is the standard process for Atlanta website design and programming by Blue Light Labs Inc. If necessary our web team will meet with you to help determine the scale and concept of your web design project and deliver a more specific project scope before we begin.




This is the first phase in development. Blue Light Labs has found that covering these points in person or with the aid of online meeting tools helps alleviate concerns, eliminate miscommunication and enables us to have a better understanding of your ideas regarding the project.

  • Discuss with the client overall graphic style desired
  • Discuss backend and security functionality
  • Create a backend functionality flow map
  • Create a site map showing the structure and navigation recommendations
  • Present site map for client review
  • Address all client comments
  • Finalize the site map
  • Organize client domain, contact and asset information



  • At this point we provide you with our Atlanta web design concepts and solutions for your input and approval.  This insures that we have the right approach for satisfying your company’s needs.
  • Develop the overall look and concept of the website, including designing or reworking the logo
  • Create 2-3 “loose” concepts and item placement solutions for the website; presenting an overall look and feel
  • Provide comps for client review
  • Address all client comments
  • Provide comps for client review
  • Finalize the web design and template architecture
  • Review final concepts for client authorization to move to next phase



In phase three, we bring all of the previous ideas and outlines to life.  Our design team will provide you with the completed project for your final approval and implementation.


  • Adapt the look established during Phase Two for each page and template
  • Import and layout copy provided by client on a disk, email or ftp space
  • Address all client comments and suggestions


  • Link page to home page and site’s navigational system
  • Add Meta, PHP, HTML, XML and SQL – Backend
  • Post for client review
  • Address comments
  • Post new page into site and test



The final phase we strive hard to keep your companies best interests at hand by making sure your company is well exposed to internet traffic and easily accessible to all potential business.

  • Insertion of Meta tags, keywords and site description for spiders
  • Submit site to Yahoo directory
  • DMOZ Submission
  • Normal quarterly submission to top search engines
  • Normal quarterly submission to top search engines



When Blue Light Labs was founded, we decided that creating a generic price list would lend itself to creating a generic product, and for our valued customers this would be unacceptable. With each project being so different from the next it is nearly impossible to give out prices until the scope of the project is realized. Here at Blue Light Labs we have built our long standing reputation on customer service and client satisfaction within an affordable budget.

When meeting with our clients we work hard to satisfy their expectations and budget concerns based on the project they want to build. When going over a project with a client we understand the need to inform the client of their investment and give suggestions on improving the idea where needed.

Customer Support:

Blue Light Labs has the ability to provide you with exceptional technical support.  We utilize highly experienced personnel to get you up and running again.  We guarantee that our customer support will address your concerns within a 24 hour time frame. We provide network support and setup, virus removal, preventive maintenance (windows, software, and driver updates), general cleaning, virus scans, systems and equipment upgrades, optional phone support packages and on-site support for general troubleshooting and installs. We know that excessive downtime can disrupt the flow of your company.

Web Marketing:

Marketing is a service that Blue Light Labs provides to our customers.  We take a detailed look at search engine placement and online marketing research to bring our clients the traffic that their businesses deserve. By using doorway pages, multiple domains and online placement databases, a website has a much better chance of becoming a large part of your incoming business.

Media Mediums:

We keep your bases covered!

General Web Site Pricing

Blue Light Labs Multimedia

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(770) 309 6480

Website Hosting Information

Atlanta Multimedia and The Atlanta Hosting Company are pleased to provide top-of-the-line hosting for our customers with 99.9% uptime and 24-hour support.

Atlanta Multimedia challenges you to find a better hosting service. We pride ourselves in the reliability and stability of our hosting packages. Whether you are a small local business or a large business with hundreds of employees We can set you up with the hosting package that is right for your company. Blue Light Labs sets your company so your employees can have their own individual email addresses at your domain (i.e. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Atlanta Multimedia Hosting also gives you the ability to check and respond to email messages anywhere in the world. Our simple yet powerful webmail interface is it easy to use, regardless of your technical ability.

Every aspect of your website and your e-mail are right at your fingertips with our original hosting administration panel. When you are hosted with Atlanta Multimedia, you can maintain hosting and e-mail yourself, or you can have us administrate it for you. Site statistics, counters, email addresses, submission tools and many more software services are built right into the Blue Light Labs hosting service.

--Atlanta Multimedia  Hosting Plans--

Atlanta Web Design Silver Plan:

  • Silver Plan: $20 set up fee
  • 100 MB disk space
  • 4000 MB transfer
  • 20 POP E -Mail accounts
  • Your cost: $15 a month


Atlanta Web Design Gold Plan:

  • Gold Plan: $20 set up fee
  • 300 MB disk space
  • 8000 MB transfer
  • 35 POP E-Mail accounts
  • Your cost: $26 a month


Atlanta Web Design Platinum Plan

  • Platinum Plan: $20 set up fee
  • 600 MB disk space
  • Unlimited MB transfer
  • 100 POP Email accounts
  • Your cost: $35 a month

(note) custom accounts

Hosting accounts can be custom tailored to fit your large business needs

Atlanta Web Design Custom Plan

Custom: We Custom Build Hosting Plans that can expand or shrink to the demands of your business. Our reseller plans allow a great deal of elbow room to support and host your own hosting company.

Website Hosting Features

Each account comes with an online Control Panel which allows you to easily access all the features and tools included in your account. The Control Panel enables you to manage your site quickly and effortlessly.

For your convenience, and to save on postage and trees, we have developed an email billing system with a billing panel so you can see your balance and see when your next bill will be due.

Web Mail

-Our Web Mail interface makes it easy to send and receive email from your domain.

-Each Email address receives a corresponding Web Mail User Panel so everyone in your company may have their own private email.

All our hosting plans include:

  • Full CGI-BIN Access
  • Mailing Lists
  • Detailed Web Statistics
  • POP3 email
  • Web email access
  • Password Protected Directories
  • Site Creation Tools
  • FrontPage Support

Control Panel

Here you can add and delete mail accounts with the push of a button. Add email forwarding, aliases and auto responses with ease. The Control Panel has many other features such as:

  • Submission to Top 30 Search Engines
  • Mailing List Manager
  • Counter
  • Form Mail
  • Site Statistics
  • Web Mail
  • Resource Meter and more…



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