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Robert Pancake | Video / 3D Design

Robert graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Digital Media. The program was a cross between 2D & 3D animation, graphic design and web development. Since graduating, Robert has worked as a television production/post production assistant and as web developer/content producer for a national chain of skate parks. His specialties include design, layout, user interface development, flash and motion graphics.

Robert lives with his wife and kids in Flowery Branch, Georgia and enjoys skiing, kayaking and mountain biking.

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Businesses are like personalities, they are all unique with different qualities and directions. What makes our job… https://t.co/5RvteYZYx1
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Good one - “A man is about as big as the things that make him angry.”
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Reworking the process was more fun than we thought! #bluelightlabs https://t.co/ZGiQxYAHuE
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Just posted a photo @ Cumming, Georgia https://t.co/EwwGmCRyZB
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I never win anything ever #StickerMule
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Thank you so much! - Happy Holidays - https://t.co/CwrO3WeT37
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